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“You are a born teacher and know how to deliver information that everyone can understand.  Keep this up. It will help a lot of people. Thanks again!” – Dr. Jay Thotambilu, June 2010

“Thank you very much for a fascinating course! You don’t get too often to learn so much in such a short time…I’d love to stay in touch and have an opportunity to refresh my skills from time to time.” – Alexander Kopelnik, MD, May 2010

“This is an excellent course. Small class allows direct and personal instruction with Dr. Adams. Quality of teaching material and infrastructure is superb. Dr. Adams is an excellent teacher.  I recommend this course very highly.”  – Kris Godlewski, Dec. 2009

“Very rewarding. Learned a great deal. Exceeded my expectations! Great facilities. Great People.” – Mark Brann, Dec. 2009

“Outstanding experience!!! Significantly impacted my confidence for Boards.”  John Benson, MD, August 2010

“Good course.”  Naveen Acharya, MD, August 2010

“Very good board review, … excellent speakers and good location. I passed the CBCCT boards very well!  Thank you for all your help, Dr. Adams!”  E. Otah, MD, November 2010

“Great physics/radiation review and good mix of cases. Very practical review for the boards.”  Gantam Nayak, MD, August 2010

“Outstanding review of CCTA. Especially physics. First time physics actually understandable!!!”  Bruce Coplin, MD, August 2010

“Excellent and very practical course.”  Patrick Hall, MD, August 2010

“Great hands-on approach.” – Margaret Baer, Dec. 2009

“Great course! Thank you.” – Eric Braunstein, Dec. 2009

“Enjoyed course! Dr. Adams good teacher.  I will need more hands on after the course to reinforce the info.” – Ping Chow, Dec. 2009

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