Cardiac CTA Training – Dec. 2-6th 2010

by dradams on November 8, 2010

Baseball’s over (Yeah, Giants!) …
So now it’s time to come to Marin, CA
And learn Cardiac CTA!

We’re just across the Golden Gate Bridge

The Best Price Anywhere


CVIC Associates in association with
Cardiovascular Associates of Marin & SF and the Cardiac CT Network

2010 Cardiac CTA Training Courses

December 2nd – 6th *Course Already Amost Full!

February 3rd – 7th, 2011

Full level 2 training over 4 days

or Two day 50 case weekend update

For travel convenience, course starts mid-day Thurs., ends mid-day Mon.

Dr. Jim Adams is a leader in CTA Training with over fifteen years of experience. A pioneer of Cardiac CTA Protocols, Dr. Adams has performed thousands of CTA angiograms and lectured nationally and internationally on Cardiac CTA applications. He is committed to making CTA training affordable yet comprehensive. He believes that learning Cardiac CTA is now an essential part of any cardiology practice.

Read about Dr. Adams’ pricing philosophy and learn about Cardiac CTA training at the most affordable price.

Sign up early and take advantage of our early registration $150 discount!

Note that fellows can also receive a substantial discount. Contact us to learn more about fellow discounts.

Additional Courses

  • Cardiac CTA Training April 7th – 10th, 2011 Larkspur, CA
  • Cardiac CTA Training June 23rd – 27th, 2011 Larkspur, CA

Who should take this course?
What will be covered?

CVIC Associates offers levels 2 and 3 CTA Training courses for cardiologists and radiologists. Courses are specifically designed toward satisfying the ACC-AHA guideline requirements for all levels of CTA certification (1, 2 and 3). Very soon, Cardiac CTA Training will require formal fellowship training – more reason to register now.

In addition to learning how to perform and read studies, students will also learn the very important IT aspects of how to incorporate CTA scanning into a private practice. Click here for more detailed information about the course agenda and live cases.

Pricing and Options

The lowest prices anywhere! (early bird registration earns $150 discount on any program)

Option 1

  • Full 4 day course – $5,200
  • 150 mentored cases reviewed including 50 live cases
  • 32 hrs. of CME credit (fully meets requirements for Level 2 certification)
  • Starts Thursday mid-day and ends mid-day Tuesday (minimizes travel time and hotel costs)

Option 2

  • 3 day course – $4,150
  • 50 live cases plus more than 50 mentored case reviews
  • 25 hrs. of CME credit (fully meets Level 2 live-case requirements)

Option 3

  • 2 ½ day course – $3,600
  • 25 video live cases with with more than 50 mentored case reviews
  • 20 hrs. of CME credit (meets CBCTA exam requirements)

Option 4

  • 2 day course – $2,900
  • 15+ live cases, includes 50+ mentored case reviews
  • 16 hrs. of CME credit (meets CBCTA exam requirements)

Option 5

  • Single day course rate- $1,500
  • mentored case review 35+ cases per day, including some live cases
  • 8 hours of CME credit per day

Note: Special discounts available for fellows and former course participants.
Contact us to find out more about the right package for you.

Associate faculty via live webinar sessions include: Carter Newton, MD, FACC, Tucson, AZ and Norbert Wilke, MD, FACC, FSCCT, Jacksonville, Florida 


Top Advantages of Dr. Adams’ CTA training course (versus other courses)

  1. The total price for training is the lowest anywhere when transportation, lodging and time away from your clinical practice is calculated.
  2. Every participant has his or her own workstation.
  3. Classes are small (8 to 9 people maximum) with extensive individual attention and interaction with each participant.
  4. Cases are reviewed at a real imaging center where live cases are performed throughout the course.
  5. All cases have a clinical history with clinical correlations and follow-up data including cath and interventional videos.
  6. The course is taught by a beeper-carrying, clinical cardiologist and his associates, who are all actively involved in ongoing direct patient care.
  7. Dr. Adams has over 15 years of experience teaching CTA including a low dose cardiac CTA protocol at (<1.0 mSv) using standard equipment.
  8. Dr. Adams also teaches LV Perfusion and 4-D cine imaging CTA protocols, the development of which he helped pioneer over 10 years ago.
  9. IT aspects of image file transfer, processing and storage with emphasis on remote reading are directly demonstrated.
  10. You can feel comfortable with Dr. Adams’ course after reading testimonials of former students.
  11. Wine country access is less than an hour’s drive away and direct game-day ferry access is available to the SF Giants ballpark.
  12. Airport access is direct, easy and inexpensive ($20) via the Marin Airporter, which leaves every half hour and goes directly to SFO from the hotel.
  13. The training office is next to the scanning center and has an extensive textbook teaching case library and data sets that is available for after-hours work and later use with any revisits to the area.
  14. Post course contact and consultative follow-up is available with discounted pricing for future courses and for help with Level 2 and Board certification applications.
  15. Learning cardiac CTA is guaranteed to be fun and invigorating and is an experience you will never forget!



Please feel free to reach out to us directly with any questions about courses, pricing or travel. We keep classes small (limit 8-9 per class) so both Dr. Adams and his staff are easily accessible to all students.

Dr. Jim Adams, Level 3 Course Director
(415) 298-0666

Jennifer Rojas, Administrator
Phone: 202-559-0688

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